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Instruments - Wind

  • Clipper Close Haul Repeater

    This connects directly to the master wind unit. As well as repeating the wind speed it shows wind direction in high resolution when sailing close to - or running with the wind. Complete with 5M cable. Technical Specifications: Consumption, 10mA+ (25mA...

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  • Clipper Tactical Wind Mast Sensor

    Tactical Wind Mast SensorA high performance system that sends NMEA wind speed and direction data 10 times a second.In demanding conditions, where high performance is essential, the Clipper Tactical wind mast sensor is the ideal choice. With ten updates...

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  • Clipper Wireless Wind System Complete w/Display

    Wireless Masthead & Data BoxThe mast head transmitter is completely wireless and is supplied with a base unit, which is powered by the vessel's 12Vsupply, the base unit receives wind speed and direction data from the masthead transmitter and sends it to...

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  • Davis Air-Flow Tels - Set of 14

    Air-Flow TelsLightweight, ripstop nylon Air-Flow Tels attach to sails with waterproof adhesive locator discs. No holes required. Tels show the air flow across the sails - allowing you to trim sails for maximum performance. Each kit includes 14 Tels and...

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  • Davis Black Max or Telo-Cat Spare Vane

    Extra Vane for Telo-Cat and Black MaxReplacement vane for Telo-Cat™ and Black Max. Tough high-impact plastic vane with visible trim markings. Product : DAVIS BLACK MAX OR TELO-CAT SPARE VANE Manufacturer : Davis Instruments Manufacturer Part No : 1452...

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  • Davis Black Max Wind Direction Indicator

    Black Max Wind Direction IndicatorBlack Max is a versatile, high performance wind direction indicator that attaches quickly to the mast or boom. The tough high impact plastic vane is designed to withstand years of punishment and the abuse of small boat...

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  • Davis J-Base f/Windex 15

    J-BASE for Windex 15This optional mount for Windex 15 provides more versatility and reduces overall weight aloft by 15 grams when substituted for standard Windex 15 mounting base.The J-Base comes with two #10 (5 mm) selftapping screws. Drill a pilot hole...

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  • Davis Spar-Fly

    Spar-FlySpar-Fly combines needle bearing balance, high impact plastic, and marine grade metals for unsurpassed sensitivity and durability. Spoiler holes in the vane reduce lift and increase accuracy. Spar-Fly is unaffected by angel of heel. Easily seen...

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  • Davis Spar-Fly Spare Vane

    Extra Spar-Fly Vane Product : DAVIS SPAR-FLY SPARE VANE Manufacturer : Davis Instruments Manufacturer Part No : 1311 UPC : 011698131105 Product : DAVIS SPAR-FLY SPARE VANE

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  • Davis Telo-Cat

    Telo-CatDesigned especially for catamarans, the Davis Telo-Cat™ is durable and highly visible. Installs on the headstay bridle in seconds; easily removed for trailering (no tools required). Comes complete with high visibility 8" (20cm) vane, adjustable...

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