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Medical Kits

  • Orion Coastal First Aid Kit - Soft Case

    Coastal First Aid Kit - Soft CasePacked in a double zipper, PVC coated nylon bag with room to add additional safety products.  Includes:General first aid module (58 items)Wound treatment module (13 items)Sprains and limb injury module (4 items)Soft case...

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  • Orion Cruiser First Aid Kit

    Cruiser First Aid KitPerfect for the large boat cruiser to protect family and guests.  The wall mounted waterproof case holds a larger selection of items to handle emergencies for the active boater.Includes:23 different items158 total piecesAdhesive...

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  • Orion Daytripper First Aid Kit - Soft Case

    Daytripper First Aid Kit - Soft CaseWaterproof zip lock nylon pouch with velcro attachment that can affix to a bulkhead or foldd and worn on your belt.  Meets basic requirements for cuts and scrapes.Includes:General first aid module (40 items)Soft case...

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  • Orion Fish 'N Ski First Aid Kit

    Fish 'N Ski First Aid KitThe perfect size marine first aid kit for a small craft.  Plastic case with gasketed dual locking lid that fits easily into a small storage area on a boat. Includes:Adhesive strips (26 items)Wound dressings (4 items)Anticeptics...

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  • Orion Offshore Sportfisherman First Aid Kit

    Offshore Sportfisherman First Aid KitProtection for your family and guests for all basic first aid needs.  This kit contains all the necessities any offshore fisherman need to prevent an early return to the dock.  Orion has packed a full assortment of...

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  • Orion Runabout First Aid Kit

    Runabout First Aid KitPerfect Kit to put in your glove box to handle common and minor mishaps.  Includes:Adhesive strips and wound dressings (16 items)Anticeptics and medicinals (21 items)First aid instructions Product : ORION RUNABOUT FIRST AID KIT...

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  • Orion Weekender First Aid Kit

    Weekender First Aid KitRelax and enjoy the weekend on the water.  This compact kit has an assortment of the most frequently needed first aid products for minor emergencies.  Features:Wall mountable optionWaterproof plastic storage case for your vessel18...

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