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Personal Locator Beacons

  • ACR FBRS 2880 /ResQLink+

    FBRS 2880 & 2881 Battery Replacement Service - PLB-375 ResQLink™/ResQLink+™For:ResQLink™/ResQLink+™Includes:1103 Battery, Parts, Labor and Test Verification ReportACR EPIRB batteries should be replaced every 5 years to ensure proper functioning when...

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  • ACR Pathfinder Pro Sart Non-Hazmat

    PathFinder Pro SART Search & Rescue Transponder - Non-HazmatThe Pathfinder Pro is a fully approved Search and Rescue Transponder (SART) that complies with IMO SOLAS regulations. When interrogated by radar, the Pathfinder Pro returns 12 intense blips back...

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  • ACR PLB ResQLink 400 Survival Kit

    PLB ResQLink™ 400 Survival KitIncludes:ResQLink™ 400 Personal Locator BeaconC-Strobe™ H20 Rescue LightSignal MirrorRapidDitch Dry BagRes-Q™ WhistleResQLink™ 400 Personal Locator Beacon without DisplayProfessionally engineered and tested to ensure it can...

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  • ACR ResQLink View 425 Survival Kit

    ResQLink™ View 425 Survival Kit Includes:ResQLink™ View Personal Locator BeaconC-Strobe™ H20 Rescue LightSignal MirrorRapidDitch Dry BagRes-Q™ WhistleResQLink View 425 Personal Locator Beacon with Digital DisplaySmall but resilient, the ResQLink View has...

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  • Clipper MOBi Fob

    MOBi Fob Waterproof fob uses standard AAA type batteries Compact display size: 150 x 112 x 42mm Fob weight:100 grams Fob dimensions 77 x 47 x 38mm max with belt clip Product : CLIPPER MOBI FOB Manufacturer : Clipper Manufacturer Part No : CLZ-FOB...

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  • Clipper MOBi Man Overboard Indicator w/3 Fobs

    MOBi Man Overboard IndicatorThe MOBi is a state of the art, fail-safe transponder man overboard system. It consists of a base unit and up to eight active transponders for crew or valuable equipment. In operation the base station sequentially interrogates...

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  • McMurdo Smartfind S10 Personal AIS Beacon

    Smartfind S10 Personal AIS BeaconThe Smartfind S10 transmits target survivor information, including structured alert messages, GPS position information and a unique serialised identity number. An in-built GPS receiver provides accurate position...

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